We serve a great God who wants to do mighty things through us. Looking at the life of Nehemiah, Sugar Grove Church has been inspired to pray boldly for God to unleash His power in our lives. Here, we hope to showcase the dramatic impact over the next year. We encourage you to pray with us, and we invite you to share your story of God’s power unleashed.


50 Individuals receive Christ and follow through on their commitment by getting baptized.


A Pile of Prayers

Now that our Unleashed series has launched, and we've seen the task at hand, it can look daunting! Last week I took all the prayer card from our prayer wall and piled them together. I paused as I looked at that stack and thought, "Wow, that is a lot of need." My heart...

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12 new discipleship groups created.

Discipleship Groups

Sandwich Shop Prayer

There's a local sandwich place I occasionally go to, run by one of the most sincere people I've ever met. This guy knows every person that walks through the door, and if he didn't he certainly makes you feel like he does. He simply has this contagious joy.Last Friday,...

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10,000 hours of local and global outreach.


Raking Leaves

This morning when we went to the city of Goshen to rake random yards, our first home was of Kirby and Jane Whitehead. He had just had a CT scan, radiation and chemo yesterday and although he wanted to rake his yard again he just couldn't. Then we showed up this...

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Commited to the Jail Ministry

5 guys have committed to meet once a week (50 weeks a year) on Tuesday nights for one hour of ministry at the jail—This means 500 hours of reaching out towards our goal!

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Energized & Ready

After studying how "Community" looked in the early church (Acts 2, 4), our Connect Group is energized and ready to serve together! We are exploring options and praying about how God will use us! –Anonymous

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$900,000 remaining on our mortgage

707 k


Help us meet our goal!

If you wish to make a donation to the beyond campaign and help us reach our goal of getting the mortgage under $900,000, simply visit the following link, or you can donate through the giving page on our website. Donate to the Beyond...

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